2010 Lexus HS250. Is it just another hybrid or a new direction for the brand?

Lexus has introduced a new hybrid, the HS250, and as we already know without even driving, touching or seeing one in the flesh, it’s incredibly competent and well-made. An interesting thing is already underway in the UK — Lexus is transitioning to a 100% hybrid line-up. With BMW and Mercedes in an ever-increasingly pitched battle for who makes the best cars, Lexus has rightly concluded that those two brands aren’t going away anytime soon, and that Lexus needs a new tack to break into their ranks. Hence, the 100% hybrid positioning. It’s completely unclaimed ground and one that they’ll do well with. The only problem is that it’s completely devoid of driving passion. For those who want the best appliances for tomorrow’s world, then Lexus is and will be their brand. For us, it makes cars like the sorta-ok-for-a-first-effort IS-F more and more of an outlier. It’s now becoming obvious, especially since there are no new F’s on the horizon that this brand is heading to a 100% hybrid position globally.


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