2010 Buick LaCrosse. Can a good car be killed by a bad website?

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By all accounts, Buick has another hit on their hands with the 2010 LaCrosse. This comes on the heels of the tremendous break-out hit, the Enclave. Despite their best efforts with some truly crappy advertising and the use of Tiger Woods (!?!?!), even Buick couldn’t kill the Enclave. Lesson learned, apparently, because the LaCrosse is launching in major metros with smart, clean outdoor boards with spare, sharp lines like “Something else for Lexus to pursue.” Ohhhhh snap! But yeah, not terrible. God forbid, though, if you click on over to Buick.com. What a hot, holy mess. This thing screams cheap, cheesy and domestic. It’s garish, tacky and lifted straight from the craptastic bin of 2003. Their digital agency of record, Digitas, has done equally bad work for Saturn, GMC, Pontiac and Caddy. For a brand like Buick that’s trying desperately to lower its age and up its transaction prices, it should start with a better website.


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