How many brands have to go so that one can live?


Four, to be precise. If the new Cadillac SRX is any indication, GM’s decision to jettison Saab, Hummer, Saturn and Pontiac seems like smart business if it means better products for the brands GM is keeping. Certainly, this isn’t a new or novel insight. But for those who think that Detroit and GM still don’t get it, I’d say this new SRX is proof that they do. Here in Los Angeles, one need only hold their breath for, oh, about 14 seconds before one will see a Lexus RX. They’re everywhere, and with good reason. Outside of the LS, it’s Lexus’ most dialed-in, most focused product. They invented the segment and they’ve earned their leadership position. But if the Escalade proved that Cadillac can provide a new spin on the lux-SUV, then the SRX can occupy a similar, Caddied-up take on the lux-crossover niche. Straight up, this thing looks GOOD. Fantastic looking interiors, 20-inch rims (what?! no chrome?!) and all sorts of Caddy bling. Plus, the available 2.8T engine (300-hp, 295 lb/ft torque) looks like a winner.


1 Response to “How many brands have to go so that one can live?”

  1. 1 Jonathan August 31, 2009 at 12:58 am

    Caddy would be my heroes if they step it up and take the flier on the CTS-V wagon. My heart hopes “yes,” but my brain says “all their competition have abandoned their uber-wagons in the US” and “in this political environment, the PC/Hybrid mindset in DC isn’t going to support the idea of more 550HP vehicles – rising CAFE standards alone could be the death bullet.” Did I mention my heart says “yes.” Audi isn’t bringing the S4 Avant to play with the new S4, BMW isn’t bringing the M5, Mercedes has reduced the AMG E63 to “special order” so no impulse buys off the showroom. Caddy has the chance to really own it here. Be bold, be American, bring back the car America embraced in another era!

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