Hank Ford just added me as a Facebook friend.

Picture 6
Dad has discovered the internet. “KIDS!! Time to let your old man use the computer terminal! I’m getting on Facebooks.” And here’s the thing with Ford — I’m actually loving them as of late. No bailout funds needed, a strong line-up of cars people actually want to buy, a prescient move away from trucks 3 years ago, and savvy non-Detroit management. What’s not to respect, right?! Now, layer on top of this Valetster’s obvious love of social media (hey, follow us on Twitter!) and you’d think that seeing Ford create a profile on Facebook would be a good thing. But HANK FORD?! Are you kidding me?! Are they trying to sound like the obviously 60-something ad guy in Detroit that probably spawned this hacky execution? Sigh. So. Not. Cool.


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