New 2011 Cayenne, meet the 2008 Buick Enclave.

Picture 3
Let’s be brutally honest. The current Porsche Cayenne is a hot, holy mess. The proportions are ungainly, and anything less than the Turbo looks like crap. Regardless of trim level, the interior is absymal. The plastics are a joke and everything feels sub-par. Sure, it’s been a huge hit for them, but not because of the vehicle’s underlying greatness. So, no wonder that Porsche is really sweating the development of the heavily-revised 2011 Cayenne. The only problem? It’s looking like they cribbed the design cues from the handsome and totally respectable Buick Enclave. Coming on the heels of the hideous, new Panamera, it’s understandable that they want to hit the new one with the pretty stick. But honestly, couldn’t they find a new design language than something out of Flint, Michigan?
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